Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Shorty

Newspaper name: Marie Clare
Date: March 2009 V.16
Link: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/trends/articles/mccune-albright-high-heels-lauren-ruotolo?click=main_sr


According to this article, Lauren Ruoto was born in the rare condition called McCune-Albright syndrome. She is short, a four foot two woman; however, she still believes in herself that she could do many other great things with her weak bone. Life seemed very hard to her in love, finding a job, and fashion, yet she couldn't give up things. She still want to find her real man after many falling down of love, and she also went to 31 different job interviews. With her endeavor, she final get a great man who understand and doesn't discriminate her height, and her dream job- a director entertainment assistance. Therefore, Lauren should care about her fashion more than before and she tried to wear the high heel with her fashionable dresses when she was out. She is now proud of herself that she could ignore the others distinguish about her body because she is different from others. She is herself and she believe that nothing cant stop her life to do whatever she want.

I really like Lauren thought. Actually, I admire her. She is so brave that she can accept her biggest unfair in life, shorter than other in subnormal significant of wealth. However, she makes up her mind and still believes in herself that she is just different from others, so she is more special than others. It is the fair life when she get her great job and a nice guy who understands her case. I really thank for the one who wrote the article about this shorty woman, who can be the fashionable person in her four feet two height and be the one famous in Hollywood. I love her story, her thought, and advice for other people. That is: " I don't let anything to stop me from doing what I want to do. Or maybe it's the shoes."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introduce myself again.

It is the fourth time I have introduced my self since I studied in this school. Maybe for someone, this blogger is seemed strange for her/him, but for me, it's liked a part of my study in Seattle Central Community College's SCIE program . I have always posted my homework for last 4 quarters. Again, I'm gonna tell you that I'm T.

Who is T? T is just a member of CB6. Friendly, straight, lovely, crazy, and lazy are the words my friends think about me. I dont want to speak ill of myself; however, I have to accept those words although I don't like them. You will see my character when we are together in this class. Don't be scare of being my classmate. j/k kakakaka
I came from my petite cute country, which name is Vietnam. Last sixteen years, I lived in the middle of this area, it's called Hue city. There are some special of living in the middle of Vietnam that is my voice is different from people who live in other part of my country. Hehe.. For some reasons, they don't know what the word I tell them when I speak too fast. It's liked we don't talk in the same language.^^Never mind, it was the past. Now, I live in Seattle with my tomboy sister. I have to use English every day while my vocabulary limitation is just a bit. Then, I found some way to use English more often by use half of English words in half of Vietnamese sentence when I talk to Vietnamese. It's seemed more easy for me to practice English everyday when I don't know how to translate the unknown word.
I love to cook, bake, sleep, draw, and go shopping. Studying in SCCC is more flexible for my hobby because I love to go around downtown and get some more stuffs for my home. Therefore, I don't want to transfer my study to South Seattle Community College although it is nearer to my house.
Now, I study CB6, AW6, and Art 100. I hope I will graduate my SCIE program after I study this quarter and so do you. Good Luck for all of student in CB6. I'm going to get in college one day, it not to far from now. However, I haven't known what my major be yet. I love to create the clothes; also, I love to doing a small business. What should I have to focus on? Business or Apparel designer? huhuhu.. Somebody give me a door to open my future. I want to find where my destination is. Doraemon? or I have to think about it now.
"We can lead the horse to the water, but we can make him drink water. " This was the first thing I saw when I came to the BE3119 classroom. It's sound true. I don't know how others thing about it, but I think this sentence looked like to teach people how to treat people. That's right when we cant force somebody else do whatever they don't like, so we have to accept the others' declines.

Thank to pay attention to my topic. Hope you guys have a nice day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What is the Most Important Thing You Live for?

What do you think about my question? I know that you guys would be bored of that, but I still want to answer this simple question.
First at all, follow those common needs in life, I though we live for needs, certificates, jobs, and money. It is because of my thought that at we was children, we wish we can have a good score for our studies, because the high score we get, the better certificates we have. Therefore, people can easily find a job after they got high GPA certificates. However, life is not exit after we find jobs, we still have to live on till we have family, children, and grandchildren. Thus, with the thought that we have to support our family, we have to think about the good salary, so we have to do hard jobs to raise our money at good at we can. However, what is the real thing we live for is the question that I always think about. Finally, I thought, it is really simple. We live for love.
Maybe you think I am a romantic person because I told this question; however, it is my real experience. I think, after we were burned, parents gave us love. They raised us by their love because we were their lovers. Till we were in school, we study for love. We tried to get a high score to get our parents' and teachers' harmonies, so do them. They teach us because we are their loving student. When we are adults, we find jobs also is for our love. We find a part-time jobs to over our parent supports- to give them a retire time for themselves. We raised our promotions for good salaries because we think for our new family support. Moreover, if we were the one who has some sadness after seeing the TV advertisement for helping poor children in Africa, it's mean we live for love. We are human who have emotion that is why we live for our feeling. Therefore, I thought we do everything for love, due to we are our surround lovers' loves and we live for our basic instinct- emotion- love.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fasion designer

Hello everybody, today, I'm going to tell you about my favorite subject that I love to study in future. It's apparel designer. There are the reasons that I choose this (hard to find a job) major.
First of all, it is because of my gender. I am a girl , so I always try to make me become more beautiful than my natural. Therefore, I love clothes, shoes, rings, belts, bags, cosmetic, and whatever make the woman is more attractive.Second, because of the fact that I love to see the beautiful things; hence, to see the fashion show everyday was my frequent hobby that resulted from after the first time I watched on TV. Third, I love drawing is the biggest cause I choose this major. I think I have a talent on this field due to I always got A+ on my Art class. Moreover, after I drawn some styles, my family and friends always praised that my design was so excellent. (hahaha)Thus, those extolments make I believe in myself that I can do it- design clothes.
To sum up, gender, hobby, and talent are the biggest reason that I love to be a fashion designer in future. Therefore, it is the cause that I have to study the apparel designer in AAS certificate.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi everyone! I'm t Nguyen. I'm glad to meet you guys in our cozy AW5 class with a wonderful Gail. ^0^

I'm Vietnamese who come from the middle of my country, Hue city, the old capitol of Vietnam. I speak Vietnamese, English, and some little language such as Thailand, japanese, chienese, or korean that I have been studying from my other international friends. Just alittle bit, dont think I know more about them.. anyways, i want to say hello, nihao, ayoneseo, konbanwa, xavaptikap everybody..:D

Let see my picture which i took when I finished study at sccc in summer. The weather was alitle cold that why i wore a light coat on Seattle summer 2010. ~_~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 4 : How Stuff Work

Science of Sex Appeal: A Sexy Walk

Well come to my new topic : A sexy Walk. Are you ready to see that?

Click on this link: http://videos.howstuffworks.com/health/science-of-sex-appeal-videos-playlist.htm#video-35975

Summary: This video tells me about a sexy walk. It mentions about the difference between male and female walk. While man walk and show their shouders, woman prefer showing their hips. Each sexual has each style to show their sexy signal to opposite sexual. Moreover, sexy walk is not just shows how attractive of the person is, it also shows how her/his heathy is, and how raise children they can.

Response: For me, this video is very interesting. I can know man and woman can show their sexual signal to attract their opposite sexual. wow... they are very smart because they can use walk to seduce the others.
-hip (n): one of the two parts on each side of the body between the top of your leg and your waist
- flick (v): to move with a sudden quick movement, or to make some thing move by this way.
1. Do you think you have a sexxy walk?
2. what style of woman walk you like?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 3: This I believe

Hi everyone, long time no see....
I'm coming back with my new homework : The Art of Being A Neighbor

Summary: Eve Birch is a woman who thinks and dreams about job, car, motigate, sucess, or credit like any American else.One year, she felf homeless when she just had 56$ with her truck to live in Virginia. Then , she move to another place. Her life was changed after she found a 50$ place with her gun and some simple thing to live with. She found something new for her life because of the neighbors' hepl. After four years she lived with her friendly neighboor, Eve changed her mind. She thought the American dream she believes now, is shared one. She said that it was not so much what about she could get for her self, it is about what we all can get by together." .

Resonse: I think I could listen well at that time. There was some new words I haven't known, but I could guess to know what Eve talked about. She was happy because she finally understood what the meaning that people live in the world, being together and know each other.

nonexitent:(adj): something that does not exit at all, or is not present in a particular place
possession:(n): having something

Have you found something that could change your mind for a moment?
After you found it, would you change your mind again to accept the new thing?